Tuesday, April 21, 2015


Three days in a row with a post.....I'm on a roll!!  Had a meeting this morning that lasted until after noon.  Got back to the office for 30 minutes and then left for lunch!  HA!  Now that was a GOOD day!  LOL!  The afternoon flew by!  I have a work friend that lives close by, we both are single and are trying to squeak by until the end of the month for pay day!  I had found some Steak'ums on sale a few weeks back and had in my freezer, thought it would be a quick easy meal.....so I invited her over so we could relax and have a HUMAN to eat with instead of just our dogs!  HA!!!  Sauteed onions and green pepper strips and then added the meat, topped it off with a slice of mozzarella cheese until it melted a little bit....it was YUMMY!!  I had some frozen berries and fat free cool whip which I put in the frig when I got home to let them thaw.  I mixed the berries and cool whip for our "dessert", turned out to be a nice cool end to a warm day!  My baby dog (7 year old 70 pound baby dog) LOVES my friend and was SOOO excited!!  It was a nice time to fellowship and catch up, we work in different cities now and even though we live close, we don't get to meet and talk much.  Plus I knew she could use a "free" meal right now!!
Counting the days to payday.....won't come soon enough!!!


  1. Had Papa John's pizza yesterday for dinner. When the Texas Rangers baseball team scores 7 or more runs win or lose Papa John's orders are 50% off online with free membership to Papa John's. Warmed up pizza & breadstick for lunch. Fixed hot dogs & Bush's baked beans for dinner. Tomorrow I may make breakfast Belgian Waffles for dinner. My hubby & daughter are up at different times and so we do not get to have breakfast together and like to change it up and have a breakfast dinner. I have a Belgian Waffle machine that you pour the batter on, flip the handle and when the light goes out the waffle is ready. Wish it beeped or made some sound but that kind is only on a professional more expensive kind.
    "Sunshine HoneyBee"

    1. I LOVE breakfast for supper!! Have a bowl of cereal some evenings or eggs and grits or boiled eggs and toast at least once every week!! Fast, easy and not so much clean up! Plus I have to have hip replacement surgery sometime this year and the pain in my hip and back is so severe some days, just can't stand long to prepare, cook and clean up. By the time I finished with clean up tonight I was almost in tears but would NEVER tell my friend! It was fun to have someone to talk to besides work stuff!!