Thursday, April 23, 2015

Friday Eve

I am SOOO glad the weekend is almost here!  There is a Postal Carriers food drive in our area with pick up on May 9th.  Our office is participating with the drive and drop off for clients to bring can food to donate.  Somehow I got charged with decorating the box!  I thought....oh great!!  How can I decorate a collection the way, there is a contest for the best decorated box in all the I had this brain storm to make it look like a drop off mail box!  We got dark blue poster board with one red one.  The ideas started flowing!!  Another lady helped me put it together, I got 2 boxes and rounded two of the flaps for the sides of the "mail box", scored strips every 3/4 inch only thru the first layer so it would bend easily and taped the other side into the inside of the box to create the opening.  Used the part I cut for the curved sides as a pattern to cut the poster board.  Also slit the corners to fit the shorter one into the taller one for height and make it more "real" looking.  The curved part on the top I covered with red poster board and folded all around so there were clean looking edges.  Then I used the mail carrier bird on 3 Birds on Parade, did the print and cut thing with the Explore to be the emblem on either side.  Cut out white letters for the bottom front that spelled out FOOD and then a postage stamp cut for the top.  Used dark blue for the shadow, white for the "stamp" and cut out letters in red that spell STAMP OUT HUNGER.  So far it looks like a real mailbox!  To finish, I am using toilet paper and paper towel cardboard centers to cut in half, open up to form the look of 1/2 a can.  I'm going to decorate the "cans" with images of carrots, corn, tomato, peas, chicken and fish (for tuna) and then arrange them on the sides of the mail box.  I have some ideas on how make this work.....wish me luck!


  1. Creative I look forward to seeing photos. There is a postal food drive here also but not recalling when it is. We always put a bag of items to be picked up in a bag next to the mail box for postal carrier to pick up.
    We had the yummy breakfast dinner yesterday of Belgium Waffles & hashbrowns. I added vanilla flavoring to the Bisquick mix. Worked on & finished Tim Holtz April 2015 Tag that I'll be posting tomorrow.
    "Sunshine HoneyBee"

    1. I got the "cans" finished....I am whipped! It took a couple of tries to get them like I wanted them. I am anxious to see how th finished box turns out. Hopefully I can post pictures tomorrow. My craft room looks like a tornado hit it.....guess I will clean up this weekend. I am going to bed early tomorrow night!!!!! I might have to have a breakfast supper tomorrow evening....sounds yummy!
      Look forward to see your new creation! I am sure it is beautiful!