Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Almost done...

Last Friday I started on my kitchen/dining redo.  I worked so hard!!  Had to go back to get more tiles to finish up the backsplash Saturday afternoon.  Got that finished Saturday evening and the kitchen scrubbed, vacuumed and mopped and everything back in place/order before I headed to bed.  Sunday I started painting the dining area  and LOVE the paint color!  It complements the backsplash so much and just adds a whole new look!  I have one small wall left to paint...have to take down shelves and all the "stuff" on them and my mojo is slowing down.  I didn't work on it Monday, had to go back to work today and gave it a rest; tonight, too.  Had laundry to work on and still trying to rest my hip/back before going back to climbing up and down to finish that wall.  Also behind the hutch needs painting, will wait until the weekend when I can take the time I need to get the hutch emptied then move...paint...move back and reload with my dishes.  It will get done....just a little later!  :-)  So far here is some before and after pictures to show the change!  First the Before:
The light blue paint on the walls under the cabinets and above the chair rail in the dining area:

Now the after......LOVE IT!!  It feels like a whole new place!!

And not to forget my little "helper"..... she was so "worried", panted so hard when she could hear me moaning or groaning with my back or hip hurting and trying to push myself to get things done!  I felt so sorry for her....she was a trouper!!  My eight year old "baby"!!  Anaya!!

It is still such a surprise to walk into the kitchen...I just love it!!!  Hope you like it, too!  Just makes me smile!!

Friday, May 27, 2016

Happy Friday!

Had the day off and made some plans to get my kitchen updated.  Bought paint and peel and stick backsplash to put up and get the dining area painted.  The peel and stick was hard to do, but I love how it is turning out.  I got about half of the wall area under the cabinets done.  Scrubbed the countertops and the "stuff" that I have out...it is really looking so much better.  I'm going to love it once I can get it finished.  My hip and back slow me down, so I didn't get all that I wanted to do done.  Have a good start, but much more to do tomorrow that I had planned.  I picked out taupe paint and LOVE it!  Reminds me of chocolate ice cream!!  LOL!!  The last time the kitchen was painted was in 2002....so it is time!!  Moving stuff around and the repetition of scrubbing, painting, straining with the peel and stick pieces has me aching something horrible!!  Ready for a hot shower and going to bed to watch some TV for a bit.  I hope resting tonight a while will help me get more done tomorrow.  Will post before and after pictures....that is when the AFTER is finished!!  :-)

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Laber Day is around the corner...

Well, made my trip to Lowes after work to pick up items for my weekend project.  Paint for above the chair rail and peel and stick tiles for the back splash under the cabinets.  I hope I can get started tomorrow after I get home.  Then I can pace myself for getting it done.  I'm really excited about this, have been mulling it around in my mind for a while and today I decided to just go for it!!  I have Friday off so I should be able to have the time to work and not over do it.  My doctor would be having a FIT!!!  She told me no more "projects" until I have surgery and can get well!!  BUT if I pace myself I think I can get it done without hurting myself further!!  Will post before and after photos!

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Sizzix $2500 Giveaway at Scrapbook.com

I'm loving the $2,500 giveaway chance at Scrapbook.com.....love that online store!!  So much to choose from and really great prices!!!

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Kentucky Derby!

We are celebrating the Kentucky Derby at work and wouldn't you know it the manager asked ME to head up the decorations and planning!  This is a competition involved with other offices.  We will be judged for the most elegant table, the best hat (for women) and the best dressed for the men with Derby attire.  Another co-worker and I scanned through some images of Derby parties and table decorations.  We found one that we both really liked and with the help of my Silhouette...I worked on my version of the centerpiece!  Below are a few pictures.

I hope everyone will like it and it will get us in the "spirit" of the party.  I'm thinking of putting it on a glass cake plate and use black candle holders and a black dinner plate holder all this on a white table cloth with red roses laying around on the table.  Red candles and use silver servers and glass for the food.  We thought finger food would be the easiest and just have to decide that tomorrow!  I will try to get a picture of the table when it is all said and done!  Hope we win the table contest!!