Sunday, July 24, 2011

Garden Fresh Veggies!!

A really sweet lady I work with has shared some of their fresh veggies from their garden....YUM!  Fresh Silver Queen Corn, big juicy tomatoes and good 'ole cucumbers!  A feast by themselves!  I wanted to show her how much we appreciated it, so I made this card for her and her husband.  They are such dear people!  I'm so glad I met her!!  I hope they know how precious they are...the card was fun to make!

My friend's Birthday

Have a wonderful friend since collage....too many years ago to count!  She ALWAYS remembers to send me a birthday card each year, and I always forget to send one to her!  I'm trying to do better!!  I made her a special card for her birthday.  I hope she likes it.  I am so blessed to have her as a friend!  Below is a picture of her card....the FIRST Easel card I've tried to make!  The lighting isn't so great, but you get the idea!  Love this friend!!  Hope her day is as special as she is!!

July 21st

My Daughter's Birthday!  What a special day!  We try to do something special every year when we get a chance and THIS year (call us crazy...BUT) we decided to drive nearly 4 hours to go on a 2 hour sunset cruise on Cape Fear River!  It was HOT as blazes out, but we braved the in the car and drove to the shore!  We just barely got there in time to find the right dock, get our tickets and get on the boat (a catamarran).  Mind you....I am VERY afraid of water, but for her I will about try anything!  We have been through so much heartache and had to learn to stand on our own...ALONE, so this was a wonderful journey! was neat....still pretty hot but we had a good time!  They had a guy playing guitar and singing on the cruise, he sang "Happy Birthday" to her, along with the other passengers....her 'cake' was a couple of Twix bars that melted in a matter of minutes it was so hot!  We got off the boat at 9:00pm...walked down the boardwalk to an outside cafe and ate......hadn't had anything since breakfast!!! Then back to the car, and headed back nearly 2:00am!!  WHEW!  What a day! Below is a picture of the card I made her....she LOVED fact it was the inspiration for the day!!  I thank God for her, for the experience of the day and our safety in traveling!!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

July 16th

A wedding to go to today.  How neat to see God bring two people together in His own special way.  I hope this day is the beginning of all their dreams becoming a reality.  It is so sweet to see 50+ year olds find love again and want to share their lives as partners, lovers and friends.  Oh, Lord bless these two of Your children and give them a long loving life together.
Here are pictures of the card made from their how it turned out!