Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Almost done...

Last Friday I started on my kitchen/dining redo.  I worked so hard!!  Had to go back to get more tiles to finish up the backsplash Saturday afternoon.  Got that finished Saturday evening and the kitchen scrubbed, vacuumed and mopped and everything back in place/order before I headed to bed.  Sunday I started painting the dining area  and LOVE the paint color!  It complements the backsplash so much and just adds a whole new look!  I have one small wall left to paint...have to take down shelves and all the "stuff" on them and my mojo is slowing down.  I didn't work on it Monday, had to go back to work today and gave it a rest; tonight, too.  Had laundry to work on and still trying to rest my hip/back before going back to climbing up and down to finish that wall.  Also behind the hutch needs painting, will wait until the weekend when I can take the time I need to get the hutch emptied then move...paint...move back and reload with my dishes.  It will get done....just a little later!  :-)  So far here is some before and after pictures to show the change!  First the Before:
The light blue paint on the walls under the cabinets and above the chair rail in the dining area:

Now the after......LOVE IT!!  It feels like a whole new place!!

And not to forget my little "helper"..... she was so "worried", panted so hard when she could hear me moaning or groaning with my back or hip hurting and trying to push myself to get things done!  I felt so sorry for her....she was a trouper!!  My eight year old "baby"!!  Anaya!!

It is still such a surprise to walk into the kitchen...I just love it!!!  Hope you like it, too!  Just makes me smile!!

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