Friday, May 27, 2016

Happy Friday!

Had the day off and made some plans to get my kitchen updated.  Bought paint and peel and stick backsplash to put up and get the dining area painted.  The peel and stick was hard to do, but I love how it is turning out.  I got about half of the wall area under the cabinets done.  Scrubbed the countertops and the "stuff" that I have is really looking so much better.  I'm going to love it once I can get it finished.  My hip and back slow me down, so I didn't get all that I wanted to do done.  Have a good start, but much more to do tomorrow that I had planned.  I picked out taupe paint and LOVE it!  Reminds me of chocolate ice cream!!  LOL!!  The last time the kitchen was painted was in it is time!!  Moving stuff around and the repetition of scrubbing, painting, straining with the peel and stick pieces has me aching something horrible!!  Ready for a hot shower and going to bed to watch some TV for a bit.  I hope resting tonight a while will help me get more done tomorrow.  Will post before and after pictures....that is when the AFTER is finished!!  :-)

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