Sunday, October 2, 2016


Wow! Time has flown by!  The summer came and went....although it was really hot, we survived it!  More work in the kitchen...this time furniture.  Got a wild hair to paint my dining table and chairs.  Sort of nervous about it, but love how it turned out!  This is the before of the table and chairs:
I've always loved this set, just felt like I wanted a change.  Now for the steps to the final version:
The primer on the bottom and removing layers on the top.

The first coat of the "buff" paint on the bottom of the table...still working on getting the layers off the top.

A peek at one of the different and STILL working on that top layer.

Finally now to the staining!!! I love it!

Stain has been finished and now starting on the poly stain....2 more coats.
The chairs and bottom of the table need another coat of buff and then a rubbing stain to bring out the design in the them.
Still need that final coat and rubbing stain, but for now this is how it looks!  I totally love it!!!
This is the kitchen window treatment before....just a valance and white shade under it for privacy.
I decided to change it up and made a floral valance with grommets and then covered the shade with a coordinating stripe material I actually found at Walmart!  I had the floral print from the window treatments in my den that I made several years ago.  I had kept the scraps and had one large enough for the valance.  I loved it but wanted something different for the shade.  So...I was on the hunt at different shops for material to coordinate.  It was Waverly material I had gotten from a large warehouse when I was working on the windows and matching pillows in the den.  So when I saw the was just what I had been looking for and it was Waverly print as well!  I was THRILLED!!    I love the new look!!  It really made a big difference in the total look of the room!  Need to get back to Lowes to get more paint for the chairs and bottom of the table and get it all finished.  Lots of stuff going on at work and I'm zapped by the end of the day and on the weekends I'm exhausted, so it might be a little while before it is all completely done.  Have a long weekend coming up, might be the perfect time!

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