Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Valentine's Day.....

Well it is a few days passed the actual day...but wanted to post pictures of the card and bag I made for my daughter's Valentine's goodies.  I had some miniature Reeses, small box of candy hearts, a little sock Monkey stuffed animal and the "biggie" was a silver necklace with a pendent outlined in the shape of a bottle with crystals on the top for the cap, "inside" the bottle was a pink heart Swarovski crystal.  She loved it all!  Now for the pictures:

Of course the sentiment was  "Owl always love you!"  So cute!!  She's 36 years old, but some traditions never grow old!!  BTW..I GOT RED VELVET donuts from her!!  YUM!  Haven't tried them yet, but they look good!  Hope your Valentine's Day was happy!!

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