Monday, February 22, 2016

Lasting Hearts

Found a really wonderful blog a couple of months ago and was inspired to make cards for the Lasting Hearts campaign.  You can find more information about it on Jennifer McGuire's blog ( and search for Lasting Hearts.  A woman employed with the Hero Arts company had a miscarriage with her twins, she was devastated.  A friend shared a book, "You are the Mother of all Mothers", which meant so much to her.  She asked her OBGYN if she could supply these books would they give them to mothers that has suffered a miscarriage.  The doctor agreed so she went out seeking funding for this wonderful project. Hero Arts and other online scrapbooking stores are donating percentages of profits for certain items.  You can find more about that on the blog as well. Jennifer had the idea for card makers to make cards of encouragement for these women to be placed in the books so as they are given out there will be a personal touch as well.  I felt so compelled to do this as I had lost my first baby by a miscarriage.  I still wonder about that child and what would life be like if that child had been born and lived a full life.  I set myself a goal and mailed the cards off last week.  I thought I would post pictures of the cards I made.  I would ask that you pray for this venture and the women that receive the books that they will find comfort and peace in the midst of their sorrow.

Jennifer asked that the inside only be a sentence of prayers or encouragement and then put your first name and where you were from.  Just enough to show your support for their situation.  I pray God will use the books and cards to bring peace and comfort to these grieving souls and give a ray of hope for the future.


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