Monday, January 14, 2013

First post of 2013! Had a lot going on lately, was sick from just after Thanksgiving to after Christmas.....still have a nasty cough that just won't go away! UGH! Finally got the shelves up in the craft room over the weekend and did some much needed reorganizing! I LOVE how they turned out and all the space and room I have now to work. Did a little bit of work last night for a challenge....will post it in the next day or so. Right after Christmas my toaster oven quit working. :-( So I did some research and found one made by Oster that I like, it is like a second oven, it will hold a 9X13 pan and a 12 cup muffin tin. I've gotten in to making cupcakes and decorating them lately and that will be WONDERFUL to have the 'extra' oven for full size or mini cupcake pans. In the process of looking I decided to update my microwave as well and found a smaller one but still powerful. Both have the brushed stainless steel look and the microwave has a black front for the window and button pad....matches my other black and stainless appliances. Before Thanksgiving I ordered a Kitchenaid stand mixer from QVC and an electric pressure cooker. So I've updated my small appliances and love them all! Well, so far. I couldn't believe how much my Kitchenaid stand mixer could do until we started using it for dips, pastry roll fillings and mixing ingredients for sausage balls! What a time saver! I have had some issues with sciatica for about 18 months so mixing and tugging on things is limited. This has saved me so much, I still get worn out and my back starts throbbing so I know I have to rest but it feels good to be able to get things done without feeling so tortured! I guess you could say these were 'gifts' to myself for Christmas!!! No husband, boyfriend or man of any kind to shower me with 'goodies' so I just treat myself!! :-) Some day, if God wills, maybe He will lead me to a kind, gentle, loving man....but for now I'm learning lots of stuff and am making it on my own. Don't know why I'm rambling....guess it is good to just get things out. Anyway, I am truly blessed to have crafting as a hobby and making cards is my favorite thing! I'm grateful for all the machines and papers and cartridges and punches and pens and cutters and storage areas.....what a lovely space to call my own!! Maybe I'll post some pictures some day. I still have so much to learn and love to watch the talented ladies on various sites that are so kind to share their ideas, inspiration and knowledge. Thanks to each of you that give so much so that those of us that are learning can share the experience of your talent! God Bless us all and continue to keep us in His loving care!! Rebecca

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  1. Thanks so much for joining the CTVS Challenge your card is off the charts on the cuteness scale! Karen