Friday, November 22, 2013

What a week!!!

What a LONG week!  I felt like I had worked a week by half day on Tuesday!!  The year is winding down and everyone is trying to get everything done in the next 5 weeks to meet goals, customer needs and it means extra hard work.  I finally got some fall decorations up around the house and have a couple of pictures of the mantel to show you.  I got the Indians for my birthday one year....LOVE THEM!  The other things I've accumulated over the years.  It has been mild weather this week, but Sunday will be a high of 38....AND that is the day for the Christmas Parade down town.  We are going to bundle up and should be fun!  

The picture in the background is a picture of a painting from a little town where my mother was born and raised.  Her uncle was the clerk of court and she went with him to this house as a girl in the late 1910's....she ate apple pie with the lady of the house while her uncle conducted business.  Then my dad worked with the son of the owner and went there from time to time to visit his friend.  So it has a special meaning to me.  I bought it for them many years ago, and after my dad died and my mom was moving she gave it back to me.  I love this picture, it reminds me of the wonderful people that first loved me unconditionally and showed me what that meant.

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