Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Heard about a Christian radio station talking about forever.....asking listeners to describe how long that was for them. Some said for 1/2 hour kids have to wait after eating to go swimming or waiting for job offer after a great interview....then a mother called in, she said waiting for blood test results for her child that has stage 4 cancer to know if the chemo is working. Talk about a tear jerker!! The radio host was talking to her and all of a sudden he started to pray...for God's healing, His grace for the waiting and thanking Him that He was bigger than cancer.....needless to say even typing this makes the tears flow. And I thought I had problems...financial, sciatica and a number of household repairs...nothing really compared to what this dear woman is going through. Since I heard this, I have had a prayer in my heart for God to heal her 23 year old son, to help them financially, to relieve his pain through the chemo treatments and to supply their needs as they make this journey. And humbly for me to be thankful for His goodness and mercy in my life. Please pray for this family! Rebecca

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