Sunday, July 1, 2012

The first day of a new month!!! Only 20 more days until my daughter turns 33.....hard to believe! Seems like only a couple of months ago I was bringing her home from the hospital. My how time flies!!! I'm hoping to get back to creating more this month, have a couple of projects I want to do and post. Just have a few things to work out how to put it all together. Maybe I'll be able to be involved with some more challenges this month...that always feels fun and exciting to actually post something for others to see. I still feel so 'green' from an experience level and it actually scares me to post my cards. There are so many talented and wonderful crafters out there....I just feel so inferior with what I come up with, but I'm getting bolder!! Maybe some day I can actually be on a design team....that would be the ultimate!!! Wish I had more inspiration, watching other's videos I just am amazed at what they do....makes it all look so simple!!! Oh well.

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