Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Happy Memorial Day!

This streamline stuff is for the birds!! Speaking of birds......a friend gave me a hummingbird feeder for my birthday last fall! I love hummingbirds!!! Over the weekend I saw at least one hummingbird and today there were TWO!!! Such joy and peace watching them!! I look forward to seeing them every day now!!! Put out fresh nectar tonight, hope it doesn't rain tomorrow evening so I can sit on the deck and watch their goings and comings!! I hope there is a nest and more will show up before too long. Haven't been too motivated lately for cards.....can't seem to get my creativity working!!!! Don't know what is wrong with me. Guess there has been too much other stuff crowding my mind these days!!! Have roof damage and need to get a new roof! UGH!!! Just hate dealing with this stuff alone.....such is my life! Oh well! Good night all...hoping to be able to get back on tract soon!

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