Sunday, January 1, 2012


A new year...I hope to be more diligent to keep up with my blog and post pics of items I've made! The craft room is basically done...a few shelves for books...but it turned out really great! I'm so excited with it. Still trying to remember where we put everything! HA!
We made 75 to 80 Hot Chocolate matchbook holders! WOW!! They turned out really cute and no two were exactly alike! Sold several and gave away others as a Christmas card with a surprise! Fun making them and trying to make each one an 'original' for the recepient. Even made a few with expecting mothers on the fronts for friends and family expecting babies this year! Those were similar, but still different for each little momma!
I have a few pictures of our mantel...I'll try to post those later, we have a statue of the Kneeling Santa with Baby Jesus which is the focal point for the decorations. I looks sad to have things put away, but time will go by quickly and before you know will be Christmas time again!
Happy New Year to all! God Bless!!

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